The Car Geek: Presenting the 2007 Mazda RX-8

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Presenting the 2007 Mazda RX-8

2007 Mazda RX-8 InteriorMazda continues in developing production cars that uses rotary engine with the release of the Mazda RX-8 sports coupe for the 2007 model year.

Although Mazda gave the RX-8 a few updates, the sports coupe has a new styling and new features for three optional packages. The RX-8 is available in Sport Package, which includes HID headlights, fog lamps 18-inch wheels, and other sporty features. The Touring Package adds a moon roof, auto-dimming mirror, and a bunch of new audio features, while the Grand Touring Package features power-adjustable seats and leather interior trims. Powertrain options include a 212-horsepower coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission or the more powerful 232-horsepower with a six-speed manual transmission.

2007 Mazda RX-8

Under the hood is Mazda's pioneered rotary engine called the advanced RENESIS (Rotary Engine genesis), making the RX-8 the only rotary-powered car in the world to be mass produced.

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