The Car Geek: How to Get Your Car out of a Sticky Situation

The Car Geek

Sunday, October 01, 2006

How to Get Your Car out of a Sticky Situation

Car stuck in snow Driving during a snowy weather can cause some driving miscalculations and you can find yourself stuck without any help in sight. What to do when it happens?
1. Turn off all the electrical accessories for example your car radio and others. Roll down your window in order for you to hear which wheels are spinning.
2. It would also help if you can lessen the air of your tires since much softer tires have better gripping power. You may also use old carpets, sand, salt or kitty litter to increase the grip of the tires. If you have a shovel then simply dig out the snow to provide a path for the wheels to move.
3. Try to keep the front wheels straight. And then try to rock your vehicle repeatedly shifting from drive mode to reverse and then back again while braking quickly between shifts. However be careful when shifting gears quickly since this may lead to automatic transmission failure.
4. If after all your effort still your car refuses to budge then let your vehicle rest for a while just to give time for the tires to cool down.
5. Try to get help or assistance. Have you car towed or have some bigger car to help pull your car.
6. After your car is removed from being stuck the first thing that you need to do is to check all the air pressures of your tires. Likewise, inspect your tires for any damaged cause by the relentless spinning during the time that it was stuck.
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