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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Toyota's Future Vehicles

Following the release of the 2007 Toyota Tundra at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota Motors will bring again nine innovative vehicle concepts to be unveiled in U.S. showrooms in the near future.

FINE-N Concept: Toyota's Future Vehicles FINE-N Concept: Toyota parts

Here's a peek at what's up Toyota's sleeve:

Alessandro Volta Concept
Toyota's first high-performance hybrid named after Alessandro Volta, Italian inventor of the battery.

Crown Concept
The Crown Concept's innovative styling and superior driving performance makes a shift in the Crown's concept of being "stationary" to being "active," raising the traditional feeling of hospitality to the world's highest level so as to propose the ideal for a next-generation luxury class sedan.

CS&S Concept
The CS&S is a 4-wheel-drive mid-engine 2+2 sports car. Employing Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, an electric motor drives the front wheels, while a gas engine and electric motor in combination drive the rear.

FINE-N Concept
The Fine-N hints at the coming revolution in automotive design by employing an advanced fuel-cell system.

FINE-S Concept
With hydrogen fuel cells below the deck for a low center of gravity, and independent 4-wheel control for exceptional drivability, the Fine-S is the shape of what has to come.

FTX Concept
The FTX was developed to raise the idea of functionality to a new level by including a surprising array of sensible features aimed at both work and play.

FT-SX Concept
With a fresh style and bold, commanding frame, the FT-SX is an exploration of an entirely new genre of automobile.

NLSV Concept
The NLSV features a large, wireless electric sliding door on the passenger side and a flatter and wider floor, proposing a new concept in simple but functional vehicle utility.

PM Concept
The PM is a personal mobility vehicle that "fits like a glove" to create a feeling of unity between the driver and the vehicle.