The Car Geek: Lincoln supports the 'American Dream'

The Car Geek

Monday, June 19, 2006

Lincoln supports the 'American Dream'

As a celebration of Lincoln's success and the launch of their four new 2007 models, the company will conduct an advertising and marketing initiative that encourages individuals to aim higher. The campaign delivers the message that owning a Lincoln is for people pursuing the American Dream.

Two of Lincoln's popular models, the 2006 Lincoln Mark LT and Lincoln Zypher have given the company an 8 percent increase in sales through the month of May. These products got a large share of the Asian and domestic market, competing strongly against popular luxury brands.

To take advantage of the success of the said vehicles, Lincoln will launch another four terrific vehicles - the new Lincoln MKX, MKZ, Navigator and Navigator L. They are designed to inspire and reward those who believe in and pursue the American Dream. The refined yet dynamic American design that these vehicles possess aims to appeal to the hearts and minds of consumers who are continuously aiming high and strives to be successful. The promise of business-class driving experience from these vehicles will be a celebration of Lincoln customer's success.

The Lincoln "Dreams" advertising platform will be promoted through print, broadcast and digital media outlets that will focus more about the things that target customers are passionate about. Lincoln's main objective is to be able to inspire people to realize their dreams and help them celebrate their success along the way.

"It's an idea that fits perfectly with our brand because we are turning Lincoln into a new American success story on the strength of innovative products..." Al Giombetti, president of Ford and Lincoln Mercury marketing and sales.

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