The Car Geek: Staying out of harm's way when stranded

The Car Geek

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Staying out of harm's way when stranded

Even if you are confident that your car is in good running condition many factors might still cause you to be stranded while on the road. Being stranded can be an annoying situation and a dangerous one too. It is however important that you stay calm during these situations and maintain presence of mind.

Avoid any panic-inspired maneuvers. Signal and pull completely off the road onto the shoulder. You should avoid pulling over in a dangerous place such as on a roundabout, round a corner or over a brow.

  • Once you're safely off the road don't forget to turn on your emergency markers. When getting out of the car, be sure to exit from the passenger side to avoid being dangerously close to passing traffic.

  • Use your phone or any communication device that is available. Provide your exact location, including the highway or any major landmark in the area.

  • Set up signal devices like flares or reflectors to alert passing motorists as quickly as possible.

  • In case of a severe car breakdown, do not attempt to fix your vehicle yourself. Call for service and assistance.

  • While waiting for assistance, stay in your car, lock all the doors and roll up the windows. In case you happen to be stranded during winter, run the engine and heater to keep warm.

  • Remember that it is better to stay in the vehicle where you can be protected from the wind and cold.

  • Be patient to wait for awhile, since towing companies are typically busy and service is usually slow.

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