The Car Geek: Many are saying yes to hybrids and small cars

The Car Geek

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Many are saying yes to hybrids and small cars

As gas prices has now been projected to reach an average of $3 per gallon, many are now considering hybrids and small cars over other the gas-guzzling vehicles. The sky rocketing fuel costs have seriously impacted the automotive industry. As with the car-buying public there's also a significant change in their buying strategies.

Based from the latest Consumer Reports Auto Pulse Survey, 37 percent of consumers are considering replacing their current vehicles with more fuel-efficient ones due to the continued rise in gas prices.

Out of all the consumers that wants to replace their vehicles, half of it are considering for gasoline-electric hybrids while 38 percent are considering diesel vehicles or flexible-fuel ones. Those who wouldn't opt for hybrids will buy smaller cars instead.

Consumer Reports Top Pick vehicles for 2006 which are the Toyota Prius and Toyota Highlander is reflective of the fact that hybrids seems to be practical choice for the fuel-dependent public.

According to Robert Gentile, director of Consumer Reports' Auto Price Services, "High gas prices are not just an inconvenience anymore… They are forcing people to reconsider what and how they drive, even the way they live their lives."

True enough, many families chose to stay at home this summer season and sacrifice their annual trips due to high fuel costs that continue to bruise their family budget. Many car buyers are also opting to compromise a vehicle's luxury, space and comfort in exchange for a more economical fuel-saving one.

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