The Car Geek: Going, Going, Gone. Say Goodbye To Your Keys.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going, Going, Gone. Say Goodbye To Your Keys.

The keyless entry system has been a term used in the automobile world nowadays. If at first it was a strange term for me, now it is just like saying Auto Parts Inner. The keyless entry system is for a car-experience without keys while Auto Parts Inner is for topnotch auto parts. Simple as that.

Anyway, the keyless entry system is already being made standard for some vehicles. And I believe that many auto manufacturers are following suit. After all, who would like to be scrambling for their keys in the morning when they can simply unlock and start their car without keys?

How this system works is actually simple. There is some kind of detector or laser that would detect a chip inside the car keys. Of course, you would need your car keys with you but you would not be using it to actually get inside. Once the system detects that chip, it would automatically unlock your car's door. This would be a great help especially if both your hands are tied up with things like grocery or books or children.