The Car Geek: Nasty Rusty Car

The Car Geek

Friday, March 17, 2006

Nasty Rusty Car

You may have the perfect looking car that can make heads turn but a simple dent or chip can transform it into a nasty rusty car especially if you fail to notice the small rust formations that can spread out to the other metal components making up the various systems of the vehicle. The brake system, cooling system and steering and suspension system are made up of vital parts that must be free from rust. In case mere repair cannot restore correct the problem, better go to Auto Parts Inner for new OEM or aftermarket replacement.

Here are some easy tips I want to share with you on how to treat small rust spots. Its easy so you will not have to go through the daily fuss of care and maintenance.

Use a soft, clean piece of cloth to wipe the rust area including the surrounding areas. Remove the loose paint. Then use a coarse sand paper on the rust spot until the paint starts to show.

  • After removal of the dust and loose paint, use a fine paint brush to apply primer paint. Let it dry thoroughly.

  • Smooth out the affected area with a medium grade sand paper.

  • Now youre ready to paint the area. Apply the paint smoothly. Let it dry for 24 hours before application of the second coat. After which you are ready to speed up on your way or everywhere you intend to go.

  • In case the rust spot is too big for you to handle, better ask for help from your nearest auto mechanic