The Car Geek: Driving Reminders

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Driving Reminders

For car owners like you and me, driving has always been and will always be a part of our everyday routine. In the morning we drive to go to work or take our children to school. Later on we have to drive home after long hours of work or to drop by in a nearby supermarket, a spa or anywhere else we intend to go. However there are times that we tend to forget some things that should have been part of our everyday driving routine that may pose danger to our safety. Here are some reminders that you must never forget before and during driving.

Before Starting Your Car

Buckle up the seat belts to secure your passengers. Children must ride in the back seat particularly in an approved car safety seat. Rest well before taking a drive especially if you have just taken a pill or an over the counter drugs for your medication. It can impair your driving ability, vision and reaction time. The same is true with alcohols and liquors. Take note fatigue, stress and emotional distress can also affect your driving ability so calm down first and relax before starting the car. It is advisable to have extra replacements from Auto Parts Inner in case failure happens in any of your car’s system especially in the brake system, electrical system, engine system or fuel system.

While Driving

Be extra cautious when speeding up or changing lanes. Take time to check your rearview mirrors before making any move. Use your horns or your turn signal lights or corner lights to warn other drivers of the changes that you will make. Keep your distance from other vehicles to give you space for changes in direction and speed. In case of engine stalls which may get you caught-up in the middle of the road, turn on immediately your emergency flashing lights. Wait for the cars to pass through. If the road is safe and clear, pull over and call for help.