The Car Geek: Bad Shocks

The Car Geek

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bad Shocks

My car has been behaving badly these past days. My tires seem to rub on something although there is really nothing on the road, not even a hump or a pot hole. There is also excessive bounce every time I cross intersections. I even feel it swaying or rocking from side to side every time I change lanes.

So I did a little inspection and guess what I found? A worn out defective rear shock absorber and strut. Good thing Auto Parts Inner is around so I purchased a new shock absorber, replaced the worn-out ones and thats it. The problem is solved in almost no time at all.

Performance shocks and struts are parts of the steering and suspension system of your car. It is responsible for the over-all smoothness of your ride. The coil springs are responsible for absorbing the road shocks or impact as your car goes through a bump, hump or any road irregularities that can cause discomfort. Excessive bouncing, swaying and rocking are just a few of the discomforts that you might feel due to worn out and defective struts and absorbers which in turn, can also make you feel worn-out and exhausted especially if you have to go through a long drive.