The Car Geek: When You Cant Help But Drive

The Car Geek

Thursday, February 23, 2006

When You Cant Help But Drive

Life must go on no matter what. That is also true with driving especially if you have to go through your daily routine from home to work. The weather may be too hazardous for you to go out but at times you have no other choice but to do the task at hand. Fog, rain and high winds are just a few of the dangerous weather conditions that would require special care in driving to ensure safety.

It is not advisable to drive during hazardous weather conditions but if you insist, take note of the following:

  • You may think you need blaring headlights to see clearly but that can pose more danger to other drivers because of the corresponding glare that it will produce. Instead set it on dim mode or use fog lights. Too much speed is a no no. Use the proper signal lights to warn other drivers of the changes in direction that you will make. Thats the right time for you to use your side corner lights and steering lights.
  • Expect the streets to be slippery once rain starts to fall. Set up your cars windshield wipers together with your headlights and taillights. Be extra careful when turning on curves and corners especially if there are vehicles approaching or there are lines of vehicles at the back area. Turn on the defroster or air conditioner to clear the windows and mirrors.
  • Big vehicles like trucks, vans, SUVs and trailers are difficult to drive during high windy situations. Extra care is needed when driving in an open area especially if you meet other big cars on small highways. Keep your hands steady on the steering wheel to take full control of the car once a gust of wind breaks out.
  • And of course, plan ahead. Bring with you extra pieces of clothing and other stuff to protect you from the effects of harmful weather conditions. Its also a good idea to have spare or extra replacement parts like mirror, lights or wiper blades from Auto Parts Inner at hand in case something goes wrong with your cars components along the highway.