The Car Geek: What to do In Case of Emergencies

The Car Geek

Monday, January 16, 2006

What to do In Case of Emergencies

I was browsing Auto Parts Inner to find the replacement auto parts I need for my auto repair when I bumped into this article about "Miscellaneous Emergencies." I found this article from Auto Parts Inner's Automotive Articles Section very interesting since I can relate to some of the instances cited below. Anyway, that's a different story. Read on... I hope this helps: Miscellaneous Emergencies

  • The driver is locked out of the car - Use a wire or a coat hanger. Straighten the wire and make a small loop or fishhook shape at one end. Slip the wire through the crack of the window or down through the top crack of the door. You may slip the wire past the weather-stripping of the door. Jiggle the wire around so that the hook will loop around the button lock and then try to lift up the lock.
  • Car is stuck on ice - Drive slowly and at steady rate to prevent getting stuck again. To get off an ice patch, try kitty litter, sand, dirt, or floor mats for friction. Sprinkle the abrasives (front or back) for about fifteen feet. Put the sack of sand or kitty litter back into the trunk and don't stop for anything until the car is on solid ground. Try not to spin the wheels, but if no abrasive material is available, try letting some air out of the tires to gain some friction.
  • Car is stuck in snow - Rock the car back and forth by shifting quickly from drive (or first gear) to reverse while keeping the wheels straight as much as possible. Then shift into neutral and increase engine speed to let the transmission cool. Once the car is free, keep it moving; however make sure that the tires are cool.
  • Car is stuck in mud - When mud cling to the undercarriage of the car, it is more difficult to get traction. Don't spin wheels as this would only drive the car deeper. Use the same methods as getting out of snow or ice. If these methods don't work, call a tow truck.
  • Car is stuck in sand - Like when your car is stuck in mud, spinning the wheels when your car when stuck in sand will only make things worse. You need a truck to tow your car, If the car is not up to the hubs in the sand, try letting a little bit of air out of the tires to increase the friction.

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