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The Car Geek

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just Push a Button

What the OnStar System does is that in dire needs during vehicle trouble, talking with a real live person would be just a button away. That is what the OnStar System does. Just push a button and the live OnStar Advisor will be able to respond to you. Quick and easy.

The OnStar services actually require vehicle electrical system, wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available, and also operating for features to function properly. It also requires a Hands-Free Calling-enable vehicle, existing OnStar service contract, and PrePaid minute package or enrollment in OnStar Shared Minutes Plan. Although calls that are made with prepaid minutes could only be connected and made to the U.S. and to Canada only.

How to get the OnStar System? Well, it is actually a factory-installed option. This cannot be installed by a dealer or retailer. And one of the world's vehicle manufacturers - General Motors - has decided to use this system in their vehicles. GM has committed itself and its vehicles to continuous safety that offers protection before, during, and after collisions. Thus, OnStar will be standard in the full range of GM retail cars, trucks, and SUVs in the United States and also in Canada by next year.

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