The Car Geek: Cars gets bolder, aims for family resemblance

The Car Geek

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cars gets bolder, aims for family resemblance

In these extremely competitive times, appearances are sometimes everything. When it comes to cars, the design is the first thing that people see - and every automaker knows that unless their vehicles get the "wow" out of people's mouths, they won't be selling any.

These days, bold(er) designs seem to do the trick - bolder designs that lets you know just what automaker is responsible for such beauty, or atrocity (if the "boldness" doesn't please you at all).

According to CNN/Money, having a "design language" that represents a brand's "DNA" is all the rage now, as entire collections of cars go under the knife to develop a family resemblance.

For Ford, this could mean the corporate look that most of their new models are sporting right now. Ford launched its new Crossover Utility Vehicle, the Edge at the Detroit show - with the new three-bar grill present, first seen on the Fusion midsize sedan, as is now also seen on the company's Super Chief full-size pickup concept.

Recognizable style was also a priority for Mercedes-Benz at the unveiling of their new GL-class full-size SUV, as well as their new flagship S65 sedan at the auto show. Though serving entirely different purposes, the two vehicles had common design elements: pronounced wheel arches, a crease that runs the length of the body, and a bold, upright grill.

One car that may not exactly fit the bill of an exciting vehicle is the Toyota Camry - often described by owners themselves as "vanilla" and "dad's car". This year however, playing safe was not an option for the giant Japanese automaker. The 2007 Camry was redesigned for a more "athletic" look, with cues in the headlamps and grill that connect it to both its full-sized sibling, the Avalon, along with the company's new subcompact Yaris. Toyota after all, does not want to be dethroned as having the bestselling car in the U.S. for the past seven years.

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