The Car Geek: Must-Have Automotive Tools Every Car Owner Needs

The Car Geek

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Must-Have Automotive Tools Every Car Owner Needs

All cars require regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition for as long as possible. However, as a car grows older its maintenance becomes progressively more important. Both minor and major automotive problems will increase in frequency. This translates to higher maintenance costs through regular trips to auto shops, the purchase of replacement parts and other expenses.
However, some slight auto problems can be fixed at home using the proper tools and knowledge. This will allow you to save money as well as learn more about your car and its maintenance. Here are some must-have auto tools that every car owner needs to have in their trunk or garage.
  1. Jack and jack stands - Since most car jobs require the car to be elevated, a jack and jack stands are tools every car owner must have in handy. Jack and jack stands help make every part of the car accessible and will be very useful in simple procedures such as rotating tires and changing oil. You don’t have to go to auto shops and pay to have these done. Drivers should also have jack, jack stands and a spare tire in the trunk as a preparation for the unfortunate event of a flat tire.
  2. Oil wrench - Changing the oil every 3,000 miles is one of the most vital car maintenance practices. Oil change is actually a very simple procedure and any driver can do it by themselves. However, the proper tools and knowledge is necessary. An oil change would be impossible without an oil wrench to allow you to change the oil easily.
  3. Vice grips - A pair of solid vice grips is indispensable in any car. It helps you to tighten and loosen parts, bolts, nuts and numerous other applications. Vice grips give you more leverage in tightening and loosening these parts.
  4. 3/8-inch Socket Set - The automobile is a complicated machine and most important auto parts are inaccessible without the proper tools. A socket set will help you loosen and tighten those inaccessible bolts. Extensions will help you attain the best angles for torque.

There are other small yet important household tools that you may find useful when doing repair and maintenance jobs in your car. Funnels, rags and buckets will prove useful when changing oil. Screw drivers, spray lubricant and fasteners will make working on screws, bolts and nuts easier. Having these tools and having the proper knowledge to use them and do the job by yourself will definitely do wonders in your car maintenance expenses. For minor problems and jobs, you don’t have to pay your mechanic to have it done. You can do some research on the every aspect of the automobile. Resources such as Auto Parts Inner provide a very informative and enlightening view of the automobile and of various automotive systems.

Meanwhile, another important aspect of maintaining your car is ensuring that every part is still in quality condition. Replace damaged and worn out parts at the first sign of trouble. Defective parts will have a negative effect on the other parts around it, so it is better to have them replaced as soon as possible. Auto Parts Inner also offers high quality auto accessories and replacement parts such as Volvo parts, Pontiac parts and GM parts to name a few. You can be sure that auto parts from Auto Parts Inner meet the highest standards in the auto parts industry.