The Car Geek: Blue Smoke Hazard

The Car Geek

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blue Smoke Hazard

It's a beautiful day, you're in a good mood. You head for your driveway, enter your car, and start your engine. And then, a mysterious blue smoke comes out of your exhaust.

Is this a cause for concern?

Yes it is. Because your engine is burning oil and this, in turn, indicates that your engine has worn valve guides, and probably piston rings too. An engine that burns a lot of oil (more than a quart in 500 miles) is an engine that is in need of an overhaul. Normal oil consumption should be a quart or less in 1500 miles. Most newer engines consume less than half a quart of oil between oil changes (every 3000 miles). So if your engine is burning oil, it's essentially worn out and needs to be repaired.

Those owning an older car or truck model will be dismayed at the cost of overhauling or replacing their engine (which often exceeds the value of their old rides) and will just ignore the blue clouds soming out of their exhausts and drive on. This makes them a polluter, an undesirable element of the society. What many are not aware of is that an engine that burns a lot of oil will also eventually ruin the vehicle's spark plugs. Thick, black oily deposits build up on the plugs until they cease to fire. Then the engine misfires and loses power. Cleaning or changing the plugs may temporarily solve the problem, but sooner or later they'll foul out again. That's why it is very important to always check your Engine System.

Ultimately, the best solution is still on getting a valve job and a new set of rings. Replacement auto parts for your engine can easily be found at reliable online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Inner. And not only that, Auto Parts Inner also provides a slew of useful articles to better help you take care of your car.